Tuesday, 9 June 2009

you are not going to believe this

but i found my painting. i wasn't even looking for it as i'd given up and accepted the fact that i left it in the hotel room in bali. it was behind my dresser and i'd folded back the mount to make it fit in the suitcase. (always too full). i've got to get a frame for it now. it's a funny size, that's why i put it behind the dresser aka the too hard basket. i should put them all on one wall and paint the frames the same colour. yes, i've been watching better homes and gardens. i went to the physio again tonight coz i have a sore back. i realise that it's because i'm slumping on the couch whilst surfing on the laptop. very bad habit. it's my son's b/day tomorrow. i think we are going to have lunch which should be nice. :)


  1. Thats great news about the painting now don't dawdle get out and get a frame for it so it can be up hanging on the wall where it belongs............

  2. Lovely to find that you had checked out the blog Fran and to know that I am not forgotten.
    10 radiotherapy treatments to go and I look forward to my writing once more. It is full on with travelling down daily etc. Not much room for anything else.
    Take care and love life

  3. Jo-Anne, you know me so well. i'll try to do it quickly. Chez, glad to see you out and blogging again. i hope you continue to improve. Fran


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