Sunday, 6 January 2013

don't even go there

recently i upgraded (that's a joke) to windows 8.  a huge mistake on my part.  it's working but it's not recognising my mousepad and more importantly my bluetooth.  and, i can't find the correct drivers for the bluetooth thingy.  i d/loaded some but they don't work.  at least the mousepad and the dvd drive are working again.  yesterday i tried to get windows 7 back.  it wasn't successful.  and, i don't think the laptop came with restore discs.  i've looked everywhere and i'm not that disorganised.  or am i?  computer is working but i'm not a happy camper. i should give it away and get a life.  they are such timewasters.

also,  most of australia is trying to cope with a heatwave atm.  yesterday was a cool change at only 32 degrees.  today it's expected to be 36 and tomorrow, my day off, it's supposed to reach 41.  it will stay like that until friday.  i'm over it.  as i'm from south australia i'm obsessed with the weather.  i think it's a south australian thing but i may be wrong.  tasmania is going through many bushfires atm.  shocking loss of lives, property and livestock. everyone is in our prayers. meanwhile, a huge river and waterfall in china has frozen over.

it's been particularly busy at work lately and the workload has been so heavy that i'm feeling my age with a sore back and knees etc.  i spose the heat doesn't help.

i've started my 'good things that happen in 2013' bowl and have two notes so far.  1) i am grateful for my family and having enough of most things, food, housing etc, (air con and a swimming pool is another matter entirely) and 2) i won lotto twice last week.  they had a special free ticket included if you bought an easypick.  i won $20 on both tickets.  that's lucky isn't it?

fish update:  no more have died but their water is looking decided pea soupish.  i've got the filter running and hoping for the best. i'll top up them up with some fresh water in a minute.   the herb garden is doing well too.  win/win

no images i'm afraid. hopefully they are on my external hdd coz that's where i saved them but i wouldn't bet on it

update: wow, finally got the bt to work.  i'm much happier now.  it only took about a week and i can add it to my good things bowl.  i'm easily amused it would seem :) also, we have had a slight reprieve re the weather.  it's not going to be quite as hot as first predicted.  see link somewhere in this post.  i forgot where i put it :)


  1. IF you gave your computer away we wouldn't be able to read your posts, then we would all miss that, I know I would :)

    Yes, it's hot down the southern part of Australia and I kind of agree with you. We don't expect such hot weather that seems to be more for the northern part of Australia.
    Am safe where I live - you keep safe.

    Windows 8, oh dear, I read where it's not at all popular - yet, not sure if it will be, don't think I would like it, guess it's getting used to it if I had it.

    You are tinny winning money - good on you..

    Take care and be safe.

    1. M you are too kind and i'm glad you are safe where you are. :)

  2. I love your 'good things that happen in 2013, bowl '

    1. it's a great idea. you open them new year's eve with a champagne or a beer and read through them and it will make you feel good. i stole it from the internet. that's the idea anyhoo :)

  3. You sure have been having a heatwave. It must be unbearable without AC.I like your 'Good things that happen bowl"

    1. Hi Diane, i only need aircon upstairs as d/stairs is usually a lot cooler, unless, it's high 30s for a week or two, then it gets a bit warm. :) i have an ancient aircon in the wall upstairs that sounds like a tractor. it sort of works but it's long past it's due date. a bit like me some days. :)

  4. Yeah I have not heard anything good about Windows 8 and as for the heat our air cons been going since I got up this morning and think they will be going till the early hours. My parents are in Adelaide at the moment and mum said the heat is really making her feel like shit....


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