Sunday, 13 January 2013

it's raining

it's cool and has been steadily raining for hours.  i love it

i was excited to find a link to my favourite indonesian tv channel yesterday.  too cool.
no subtitles but lots of those crazy soap operas and i just love the commercials.  the music channel has awful reception so not really watchable.  sound is ok though.  the site also has some web cams of traffic around bali but it's fairly boring after the first minute.  it rained there yesterday apparently. and a bonus is the road traffic cams all over bali.  it's too fab

my son and i fixed the shadecloth out the back.  it's patchy but practical and shades the back of the house (not upstairs) quite well.  we are going to put some auto sprinklers in which will be good.

i'm going up to pick up cookie to stay for a day or two. we may bake a cake.  :)  i had nasty migraine last week and missed work.  much better now and i will go back to work on wednesday.  :(   i've been looking at old pics i've put on picasa over the years.  mostly of bali.  i've booked for 10 days in cairns for may and may not get to bali this year.  i'm missing it like mad.  yesterday, i watched the traffic cams, drank my bali coffee and sat outside waiting for my son and g/daughter to arrive.  someone close by started cooking and the most fabulous smells wafted my way.  garlic and chili frying.  just like bali.  :)  all i needed was the smell of clove cigarettes and incense, insane traffic, ten thousand scooters and i would have been set.

i've put these photos up before i know, but here they are again

enjoy your day wherever you are


  1. I hope you make it to Bali soon. I hear it's incredible.

  2. Great pics.. now I only want to travel via wheelbarrow!

  3. I think you are a Baliphyle. What about the boy who was poisoned from a drink in a bar in Bali.

    1. hi Diane, many people, young and old, suffer permanent injuries by drinking arak laced with ingredients including methanol and other poisons. arak is a local spirit which is very cheap and strong. it tastes very smokey. it's usually drunk with fruit juice or lemonade. i prefer mango and avocado smoothies :)


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