Monday, 29 November 2010

a wakeup call

if this isn't one i don't know what is. as you know i have decided to cut down carbs and try to eat sensibly. don't go to my other blog, what i ate today, coz i've deserted that idea. didn't work. anyhoo, i bought a lovely old oak wardrobe recently. pic above of it in the shop. paid extra for delivery up the stairs but still a bargain i think. it's in pretty good nick. it's got a mirror on the door and tonight i changed when i got home from work. hung up my shirt (i'm so good) and left the wardrobe door ajar. shouldn't have done that coz what did i see in my wall mirror but a full back view of me. oh that wasn't pretty. yuk. at least i don't have changing room lighting in my bedroom that's the only good thing i can think of. so.... i'm glad i saw it coz it made me think that yes, i am too heavy and that spells unhealthy. not to mention unattractive. :( i had a nice healthy dinner tonight with kiwi fruit for dessert. :)


  1. Love the wardrobe and good for you to try and eat healthy. We do too but still put on weight probably too much rice and pasta.

  2. Hello there....!

    Thank you for popping into to our party to help celebrate our 100th posts....!

    Your entries are in the tub & I have my fingers crossed for LUCK....!

    I'm LOVIN' your wardrobe & I'm WISHIN' I was eating better than I am....!!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)


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