Sunday, 12 December 2010

i have to work today

i spent yesterday at home. couldn't be bothered going anywhere. feel a bit off but nothing serious. i want to purchase a new overlocker. if you saw the one i have it's practically an antique and dammit i deserve a new one. i got a great deal but have to wonder if i'll use it very much. i'll get it on thursday. i had to buy an indoor antenna for the tv downstairs the other day coz i couldn't get sbs or the local adelaide channel. the signal would come and go. might be the weather. the one upstairs is fine. weather here is damp and cool atm. i hope it stays that way for a little while yet. kids are coming for christmas tea. my sister is coming down too so that will be nice. i am downsizing presents this year. only one each. except my sister and the g/kids. :( i'm going quite well with the carbs except that yesterday i ate some chocolates. very nice they were too. i've been going through my wardrobe and altering clothes that don't fit. all good

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  1. Well done. I've put on weight and can't get out to walk because of the continual rain.


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