Friday, 17 December 2010

thank goodness it's the weekend

i'm so tired. it's been a long week. i have the new overlocker. it's amazing and does everything. so cool. i can't wait to play. i must buy some beads tomorrow as i want to make some angel earrings for the girls. super easy. click here for a video. they're cute. enjoy your weekend.


  1. Very pretty earrings. Thanks for the link, I never even thought of going there to see how jewelry was made, a bit dumb of me really.

    Have fun with your overlocker.

  2. i love youtube. you can find almost anything on there. some good some not so good. :)

  3. Clever you, I couldn't be bothered but then i don't have grand daughters.
    Hope you had fun with your overlocker.


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