Sunday, 7 November 2010

it's done

always an exciting part of the trip, and not least a little stressful, is the booking of flights for a holiday. i bit the bullet last night. flights to bali booked and paid for. done. insurance quote received and will pay for that today. emailed the hotel after receiving their quote. so far so good. :) staying at the persona beach inn in poppies 1. and the best part is that my friend from perth will be there at the same time and hopefully our friend graham. the only part i'm a bit worried about is that i have to fly out a day earlier than my annual leave starts. getting leave at work is like pulling teeth so i'm just a bit concerned about that.


  1. Don't you feel good when it is all organised. I messed up something shocking our flights to Sydney then Adelaide a week later. I wasted 20,000 frequent flyer points because I booked on the wrong day twice!! I hate this growing old an stupid.

  2. not growing old, sometimes the websites leave a lot to be desired re being user friendly. i find them confusing sometimes :) and you can always put it down to experience and learn from your mistake. :)


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