Sunday, 15 March 2015


no, not the little annoying black things that invade kitchens but my g/son anthony has been staying with me for the last few days.  he came down to help me move my bedroom around and do a few other household jobs that i can't do on my own.  we have had a great visit and i'm taking him home today.  he would have come last week but the family had colds and coughs so i kept away.  we moved my bedroom and spare room around the first day and i thought i wouldn't be able to walk next day but after a very good sleep i was fine.  the second day we did some more cleaning and went for a nice walk.  over an hour along the river and i was exhausted afterwards. we saw a huge water rat and i nearly died and a kookaburra.  he came with me to do roadie duties friday night and we didn't get home until very late.  yesterday we went to see a movie and took another walk when we got home.  not as long as the other day but very nice.  i'll miss him when he goes home.  he's great company


  1. Nice to have a change of furniture positions. I can't move our furniture all too heavy.
    Good to have company for awhile...

  2. Nice to have family to help you when needed. He sounds good company. We are changing a room around too.


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