Sunday, 22 March 2015

lazy bones

that's me today.  i haven't done a thing.  well hardly.  i made coffee and ate some birthday cake left over from annie's birthday cake and i did the dishes from last night.  i went to our local chinese last night to dinner with ann and shauna for annie's birthday.  we had a lovely meal and really enjoyed it.  then we came back to mine for cake, coffee and pancakes.  annie wanted pancakes so i made them.  i don't make the best pancakes but they went down well and there was enough room for cake too.  oh dear!  i didn't indulge in the pancakes let me add.  not my favourite dessert really.  the girls liked them though.  then we rang liz and had a chat to her for a while.  we then played games.  birthday games.  :)  firstly tri onimoes.  dominoes with 3 sides that you keep adding on to.  we didn't like the rules so made up our own.  not a favourite game i must say.  then we played spoons.  not the musical ones although annie is a musician.  no, this game involves a spoon for each person playing minus 1.  each player is dealt 3 cards with the goal of getting 3 of a kind.  the first person keeps the deck and picks up one card at a time.  they put it down again if it doesn't make a pair or 3 of a kind.  it goes really fast.  the first person to get 3 of a kind picks up a spoon.  when that person picks up a spoon the others have to quickly pick up a spoon and then everyone has to pick up a spoon. the person who is last (without a spoon) loses.  it's a really simple game and i've never heard of it before.  sarah and a few work mates came over friday night for pizza and games and sarah taught us spoons.  she learnt it at camp years ago.  it was much fun.  i had cookies birthday yesterday too.  i went up there with cake, lunch and presents.  she loved her presents.  a care bear onesie she asked for ages ago.  she looked so cute in it.  her parents gave her an olef (from frozen) pendant and we had wraps for lunch.  then a delish rich chocoate cake.  so, with all that going on i am having a rest day today.  i'm listening to the wonderful shirley bassey and singing along, i know all of the words lol.  i suppose i should do something but i really haven't got any get up and go in me today.  as i said, lazy bones

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  1. Sweet child. You have been busy with birthdays.
    Hope you are well.


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