Thursday, 12 November 2015


i've lost a lot of fitness as i've gotten older and have finally done something about it.  i've joined strength for life.  the workout is quite stress free and has been tailored to my needs.  i've enjoyed it so far.  i go twice a week.  now all i have to do is pay more attention to my diet.  fiber is the keyword there apparently.  i had lunch with the girls today and it was lovely to catch up.


  1. Good on you for doing some fitness work..
    Great to go out with friends once in a while and have different fun.
    Hope you are well..

  2. I hope there was lots of fiber in your lunch ;-)

  3. Yeah, when we are getting older, we really have to pay more attention to our training and diet. In my opinion, the most upsetting thing about this is that it is really hard to restart training after some break:(


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