Friday, 13 May 2016

how lucky am i?

i've been cleaning out kitchen cupboards and sorting etc. etc.  the usual.  i ran out of rice last week and i apparently threw out the lid of my rice container with all of the other plastic lids and containers into the recycle bin.  i also forgot to put the rubbish out the other day.  i went through the bin a while ago and voila, there was my lid.  sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.  :)  i spoke to my daughter a little while ago and she took Caiden to the hairdresser for a haircut today.  his lovely blonde, curly hair was quite long.  he looks better now and his mum said he was a good little boy and stayed still for the hairdresser.  it was his first real haircut although his other g/mother cut it once and i've cut it twice.


  1. My husband throws things out he needs :) well sometimes he does.
    Hard sometimes to cut children's hair but hairdressers are usually good at that.

  2. i know it's frustrating. i always keep all of my receipts, except the ones i actually need. yes, cutting children's hair would be a challenge i bet. hope you are well Margaret


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