Friday, 27 May 2016

a honeymoon

as you know my son recently married.  he and my dil just came back from a trip to victor harbour and mount gambier.  adina stayed with her father for the week.  victor harbour is a lovely place probably about an hour and a half from adelaide.  and mount gambier is the second largest town in south australia.  it's about 17 kms from the victorian border and is largely volcanic with lovely scenery and attractions.  among them is the blue lake and the sinkhole.  it's on the limestone coast with lots of interesting caves to explore.  the blue lake is in an extinct volcano.  it's a nice drive from adelaide and there is lots to see and do.  the last time i was there was when my son was about 8.


  1. They are both lovely places, we stayed at Victor Harbour in a Motel several years ago.
    The Blue Lake is very blue at the right time of year which wasn't when we visited.

    1. i think it's to do with the calcium content and is best viewed in the summer months. i don't think it was very blue when i saw it either. hope you are well Margaret


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