Wednesday, 25 May 2016

the supermarket that wasn't there

i am disappointed.  i found an indonesian grocery online and it was close to where i take my car to be serviced.  cool, i thought i'd either walk there whilst waiting or just go after i picked up the car.  the mechanic said i don't need a service yet even though the computer thingy on the dash was telling me to 'service now'.  in the meantime he changed a window wiper for me.  they are whiz bang clip on things and not cheap, however, they are expected to last longer than the older kind.  the old one was shredded and as it's raining today this was great.  so i moved on after the mechanic and drove to where i thought the supermarket was.  i was excited to maybe get a supply of coffee as now i have to go to the central market and atm i can only get the very small packets.  oh well.  i am pretty sure the supermarket is not there if it ever was.  i did find a bikini girl massage place and a large empty shop.  too bad.  the temp has finally dropped and it's quite cold and wet today.  winter is on it's way


  1. That is a common occurrence. One minute there is a shop and the next its gone. Small business is hard work.

  2. That's the thing about shops - there one minute gone the next, however it's annoying.


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