Thursday, 14 July 2011

a weather report

you may, or may not, have noticed that i'm always changing the look of my blog.  i'm looking for the perfect layout.  i haven't found it yet.  a lot like love really. :)  no, i digress.  i decided to look into making my own. (blog layout not my own bloke, that would be too messy).  i digress again.  i did desktop publishing as one of my modules yonks ago so how hard could it be.  right?  day off today.  i'm going to lunch with my son and dil.  enjoy your day.  oh, and i forgot to mention that the sun is actually out and i can see a weird colour in the sky.  oh yeah, it's blue.  still cold though.  there you have the weather report for adelaide my job here is done.  :)


  1. In the film 'Weird Science' the boys created their perfect woman.. surely a perfect man would be much easier (we men are simple beings)...don;t forget to program in commands such as 'listen', 'help', 'thoughtfulness' etc..
    if you do get around to making your perfect man, I'll have one too please..
    I'll gladly pay the postage to melbourne ;-)
    thanks for the weather update,..
    hope your feeling better!

  2. Matthew, you can have the first one off the assembly line. we can sell the rejects on ebay. duly noted, listening skills, helpfulness and thoughtfulness. free postage coz you write such readable blogs. second one, half price. lol

  3. You give it a try and hopefully it will turn out just how you want it, me I would not have any idea how to do here it is cold and wet and I am sitting in front of the heater and I am still cold...........


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