Friday, 1 July 2011

this week

i've lost a button from my favourite coat and broke the zip on my favourite jacket.  but, i found a flash drive and a memory card i thought i'd lost.  good hey?  :)  lovely pic is of john lennon and his siamese cat.  i love siamese cats and john was ok too :)


  1. Reading this made me smile and reminded of me Jerry Seinfeld and even-stevens :-)
    lose something, gain something, all works out...
    ..not that I am smiling at the loss of your fav' coat and jacket

  2. i also thought about that episode of my favourite show on the telly. thank goodness for reruns and reruns and reruns. :)

  3. Yeah often it seems like that you lose something then find something else it often happens to me I guess it is just the way life is......

  4. Good to find 2things, not good to lose 2. Murphy's law maybe.
    Sorry to read you haven't been well. Time for the better now :)

  5. loved John Lennon, love my 18 year old siamese cat, and love that you found your flash and memory as they probably have things you thought you'd never see again! Great news!


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