Thursday, 30 June 2011

i have to have a cat scan

just to check that my kidneys are ok.  i went to my local dr today and asked for a mask.  they didn't have any.  pmsl.  you gotta love that.  didn't have to wait long either.  :)  also had a nice visit with my son whom i haven't seen for over a week. bless him.  everything is ok.  :)  that is not my leg in the pic, unfortunately. i want to go on a cruise.  Sarah from work is going on a week long cruise to noumea next week.  sounds gorgeous doesn't it?


  1. I went on a cruise to Noumea and loved every minute of it so I hope Sarah from work does too...

    Hope all is good with you kidneys.........

  2. noumea sounds gorgeous. maybe one day. :) thanks Jo-Anne


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