Thursday, 9 June 2011


i just made my first tiramisu for my son's b/day tomorrow. did i tell you he's going to be 40?  omg.  hope it's a success.  i forgot to put the cream in.  oopps.  it tasted good.  a bit messy. i got the recipe from youtube.  i love youtube. i've got mascapone left over and the cream of course. i should make something with it.  i had lots of the cream mixture left over so made a little log thingy we used to make in the 70s when i was a housewife and threw the odd tuperware party.  lol.  basically you just get chocolate crunch biscuits and spread them with cream.  line them up upright on a plate and cover the 'log' with cream.  leave to set overnight or for a few hours at least and voila a delish little dessert.  easy peasy and not a lot different to a tiramisu really.  i don't know what you call it as it's just something we used to throw together.  i hope the tiramisu is nice


  1. Oh YUMMM!!! That looks simply amazing! I wish I was there to lick the spoon clean!

    Many happy returns to your boy,



  2. thanks Cindy, i did lick the spoon. and the bowl. hmmmm well it tasted nice. :)

  3. one of my favorite deserts !!!

  4. well tiramisu was a complete success. they loved it. i have another one in the fridge for lunch tomorrow. :)


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