Sunday, 26 June 2011

back to work tomorrow or a bit of a rant

i've had a week off work.  pity i've been too sick to enjoy it.  no mind.  on top of the kidney infection (which is much better, thanks for asking)  i was struck down by a chest infection.  still have it but i'm almost starting to feel better.  well sort of.  i blame sitting in a clinic for an hour amongst thirty people who coughed the whole time i was there.  i should have asked for a face mask. i was worried that Jourdy would catch something as she was with me. the worst offender was a two year old who sounded like he had whooping cough and whose veiled from head to foot mother (she was probably the only one safe from the floating germs) ignored him and let him run around the entire space the whole time i was there. didn't move an inch.  bloody germs.  well, i suppose a clinic is where you go when you are coughing like that but still. i love my local doctor's surgery where signs are everywhere telling people that if they are coughing or sneezing to ask for a face mask at reception. everyone is coughing and no one is wearing a mask. drrr. the other day at work a woman came in with her two year old daughter who was also coughing like she had whooping cough. it's a very distinct cough and hard to ignore.  honestly, stay home people.   who takes a kid to a library with a cough like that?  ok, i've had a rant, i'll shut up now. except to say how much i hate that commercial on the teev atm with the woman who sneezes in slow motion. yeah that really makes a difference. not.  thanks for listening. at least felix the cat is happy :)


  1. At my GP's if you are coughing and do not ask for a mask they recepionist will come and hand you one and tell you to use it.........and so she should as the spread of germs has to be contained.

    I am pleased to hear you are on the mend and back at work.

  2. Maybe you need to carry a supply of masks around to hand out and use in need? :-)

  3. thanks Jo-Anne. Matthew, yes i know i sound a bit crazy germ lady. i was having a little spit but i'm over it now. :) really, i'm fine now.


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