Wednesday, 1 June 2011


is an avocado shake as found and enjoyed in bali.  i've tried for ages to make it so that it's at least similar.  success.  tonight i did it.  perfection.  recipe:  1 avocado, 8 ice cubes, half cup of milk, 1 dsp condensed milk and 1 tsp sugar.  blend it until you can't hear the ice. add a little more milk if it's too thick.  run chocolate sauce down the inside of the glass (not too much) and fill the glass with the shake and put a tiny bit of chocolate sauce on top.  it's thick and creamy and oh so delicious.  not too unhealthy.  all that good fat and it's good for the skin and eyes too.  i forgot to buy straws again.  oh well, it was super delicious and makes an excellent dessert.  you can also mix it with coffee which is also delish but i prefer it with the chocolate. enjoy


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