Wednesday, 1 June 2011

first day back

at work today and it was busy busy busy.  i was too busy to think about it too much.  i had hundreds of emails to wade through.  luckily most of them were not important so delete, delete, delete.  i had soup for lunch.  i've been having a tin of tuna and crackers but it's a bit cold for tuna and salad. i found some nice stawberries and grapes which at $3.99 were a much better choice than the bananas at $12.99.  i love a banana every day, they are easy to carry around and tasty and good for me.  i hope the grapes taste nice as it's a bit late in the season for grapes. strawbs were nice.  i also have an aching back due to the rubbish i moved yesterday for a hard refuse pick up not work me thinks. oh how i'd love to retire.  my friend is going to bali in a month and Graham is still there.  he's back soon so lots of catching up to do.  all in all not a bad day really. boring but sometimes boring is ok.  better than dramas hey?

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