Thursday, 21 July 2011

a visitor

my sister came to the city to buy some tiles yesterday.  they're putting them in the bathroom at the shack.  or rather, a profesh tiler is and you can only imagine the quote he's given them.  omg.  cost about five times more than the tiles. and they have to have him when it's convenient for him, not the other way around.  they have to wait three months for the man to come and sand the floors.  remember a while ago i told you she is having the huge cracks in the bedroom repaired?  another massive expense. i digress, we picked up the tiles and had a nice lunch. then, we shopped until quite late.  i was pooped by the time we got home.  we picked up a few bargains and had a lovely, if busy, visit.  she's coming again next wednesday but i'll be working unfortunately. i forgot to mention that she baked an egg and ham pie, which was delish. she also bought me down some organic eggs and some nice stewed apples.  a friend with an orchard gives them a batch of apples each year and sis stews them.  they are really nice.  not too sweet.


  1. oh stewed apples are such a comfort food! and its lovely to have organic eggs too.
    Its really too bad your sister needs a pro to lay her tiles... though if the end result is better than diy you kind of have to.

  2. It is nice to spend time with family even though tiring. Where is her shack?

  3. hi Diane, she lives in wallaroo which is about 2 hours from adelaide. the shack is at black rock about 5 kms north along the coast. always lovely to catch up. we don't see each other as much as i'd like. we are both always busy. it's great that you are back blogging. :)

  4. i agree about the stewed apples. lovely with custard. her husband grows the best tomatoes ever. gorgeous flavour. better than anything in the shops. i always look forward to tomato season. :)


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