Sunday, 24 March 2013

cookie's birthday

we celebrated cookie's birthday yesterday with presents, lunch and a little bit of shopping.  always the shopping.  i gave her a guitar, perfume, one direction watch and jewellery (natch) and some owl stickers and the like.  she was happy with her loot.  we went to a pub in gawler for lunch.  my daughter lives closer to gawler than elizabeth. it's a nice little country town, very busy these days.  a nice lunch and a coffee at the java cafe afterwards.  all good.  she went to a friend's bowling/birthday party afterwards.  he shares her birthday which was the 21st.  harmony day.  not much news other than that really.  my dil and i made the biggest blueberry cheesecake the other day and although it could have been cooked a little more it was delish.  too delish actually.  i told her to take it home with her but she left me a rather large piece so, of course, i who have no self control whatsoever, ate it.  not all at once of course but it's all gone now.  :(  goodbye diet.  i'm taking two days leave this week so will have a nice easter break.  i'm going to maz's place on thursday for lunch and 8 ball.  :)  i am obsessed with this song from les mis lately.  i wish shirley bassey would record it.  i haven't seen the film yet.  susan boyle does a great job of it too.  i watched the video of her first appearance on the tv show in the uk and she was fantastic.  she gave me goosebumps.  

i found a little vietnamese cafe recently and had to have a vietnamese iced coffee.  hmmmm

cookie's impression of a rock star :)

weird shape in the sky.  a plane did a right hand turn

raspberry birthday drink

cookie loves owls.  from harry potter i think.  i found these cute painted rocks the other day


  1. Seems you have been having a nice time. I like the guitar. Have a good break.

  2. Nice to have fun with your gorgeous grand daughter. Happy Easter.


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