Saturday, 26 September 2009

blah blah blah

i'm sorting my books out. i have a bootful to take to the second hand shop. some clothes and two handbags. only two thus far and a few clothes. it's a start. i feel a bit 'funny' today. sort of misplaced. bit lopsided. it will pass no doubt. today is grand final day and my son barracks for geelong so i hope they win. i wouldn't know one end of a footballer from the other. i'm babysitting tonight. my son's step daughter who is disabled and 22. they are going to a party which is rare for them. i hope his team wins coz he'll be a bit grumpy if they don't. i was supposed to have my g/son tonight as well but haven't heard from my daughter. and if you read facebook you'll know that i'm out of my indonesian coffee and i can't buy it anywhere. i hope this situation improves soon coz i'm already hanging out for it. to say i'm addicted would be an understatement. ahhhhh. i got a new (almost) suitcase recently from the second hand shop. a real bargain as the case is a very good brand and it was super cheap. i checked it out and didn't find anything wrong with it but alas, when i got home i noticed that the zip was coming away from the case and needed stitching. ah i said to myself, that's why it's in the second hand shop. so i took it to be repaired thinking it would cost the earth but luckily it didn't. so i have a very nice new (ish) suitcase. this is indeed lucky because the old one has finally gone cactus. i've been lugging books down the stairs in it and i think it's finally died. beyond repair this time. each time i get back from bali i say the poor old thing won't make another trip but it always does. now i can fill it with shoes or handbags (hahahaha) and stash it under the bed. unfortunately the new one doesn't fit under the bed. oh well. i just wish the asian supermarket would get me some coffee. have a good one
ps. i'm giving up scrabble coz it's downright embarrassing how bad i am at it. i totally suck. it's depressing. no more scrabble for me


  1. Hope you find your coffee soon. good bargain with the suitcase.Now you have to find a place for it.

  2. thanks Diane, me too. hope you are well. Fran

  3. I do like scrabble, but I don't get the chance to play it - I am on the net instead :)
    Lucky you were in the right place at the right time regarding your new suitcase.
    Coffee - well let's hope you find.
    I am a tea person.


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