Tuesday, 6 October 2009

we got locked in

my lounge room on saturday night. my g/son was staying over and i was cooking tea. luckily i turned off the stove to wait for the veggies in the microwave and came into the lounge and put the heater on. i closed the door behind me to keep the heat in just like i do every night of the week. i heard the microwave and got up to finish tea and that's when the fun started. i just couldn't open the door. it turned ok but nothing happened. of course i thought that something had fallen in front of it. very strange. i managed to get the doorknob off but that didn't improve matters at all. didn't make it worse though thank goodness. we pushed and pushed, wiggled the door knob and decided that we'd best call for help. luckily i'd turned the stove off and we had the phone in with us. there's one upstairs too so that was ok. we rang my son who came over but took for ages as he got stopped by a freight train that stopped over the intersection and blocked the road for over fifteen minutes. they eventually got here and my son started to take the pins out of the door. he worked with a locksmith for about a year years ago so he knew what to do. how lucky were we? i must admit i was starting to get a little bit panicky, Anthony was fine throughout. he wasn't worried. i was very pleased to see my son and his family and will get the door fixed as soon as possible. Anthony and i went to the museum which was great although he insisted on taking the stairs all the time and i prefer the lift. sore hip and legs lately. we went on a popeye ride from the zoo to elder park and walked back. that was really nice. we saw a pelican and lots of baby ducks. next time we are going to get a paddle boat. the river was pretty dirty too. all in all we had a great weekend. i hope yours was good too. it's nice to see daylight saving start. it's still light when i get home for a while. i did the washing tonight. enjoy

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  1. Well what might have been if you had not turned the stove off, I dread to think of that. I am pleased all ended well for you.


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