Sunday, 25 October 2009

just stuff

i haven't been on the wii as much as i'd like. i like tennis. playing those little muppet people is quite addictive. leaves me puffed so it must be something of a workout and therefore good for me. my g/daughter is excellent at boxing. the kids love it. although the telly is in mortal danger of getting damaged. esp. when daughter was playing it yesterday. boxing and tennis. bloody hell she was swinging around the lounge room like a kid on too much red cordial. i had to keep sending her back to her corner. hahaha on another subject entirely, i am looking for a mattress. you'd think it would be fairly easy but i'm not having much luck so far. can't make up my mind. what do i know about mattresses? not much. and they are so expensive these days. we bought this one in 1983. wtf? i hear you ask. it's in excellent condition but i'm afraid not as comfortable as it could/should be. my friend Maz has the most excellent bed. it's really high so that you just about need a ladder to climb on board but once up there it's like being on a lovely fluffy cloud. so comfy. i want one. oh well, i'll keep up the good search. my Perth friend was kind enough to send me some of my bali coffee recently coz i can't find it anymore in adelaide (have you heard this story before?) anyway, the coffee she sent is the same brand but a different variety. at first i didn't like it at all (anyone want some bali coffee) however, i've made it a different way and although it's not quite as nice as kopi murni (this is kopi bubuk) it's ok i spose. Jackie from work is in sydney this week and i've got her on the job too. surely she will find some, she's staying right next to Chinatown. i'm hoping so. weekend is nearly over so should get ready for another week at crazytown aka work. i'm listening to the wonderful mr ray charles atm. sublime. it's the genius loves company cd made after his death i think. good listening.


  1. Good to hear from you again. Good luck in your search for your favourite coffee. Have you heard of Freecycle, where people give away stuff they don't want anymore you might get a matress there.Google it.

  2. i checked out freecycle last night. will look again tonight. actually the coffee Leonie sent isn't too bad. i'm a drama queen. :)

  3. Fran, friends tell me that a latex mattress to sleep on is definitely the way to go.
    I laughed when I went to Bairnsdale to organise funeral arrangements for my 24yo son. One of his female friends thanked me for buying the most comfortable bed she had ever slept in. Too much information for the grieving Mother you might say. I was laughing at the thought...

  4. hi Chez, yes way too much information at the best of times let alone at a time like that. i've heard they are very good (latex mattresses that is). i think i'll have to invest as the back is worse. never mind. could be worse. :0


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