Wednesday, 2 September 2009

i've got library disease again

cleaning, sorting, chucking out stuff. some of my cupboards actually have room in them. i bought a shoe organiser thingy and it holds twelve pair. it goes under the bed. i got two and still have four pair left over. it doesn't hold boots. i need a new pair of shoes for work and keep putting it off coz i'm very hard to fit and with the orthotics it makes it very hard to find a pair that fit well. the pair i have now squeak. my podiatrist tried to fix it but couldn't. i bought one of those over the door hook things and have hung all my handbags on it. well most of them. i still haven't gone through them but i will. i have a boot full of stuff for the second hand shop. i still have too much stuff.


  1. lol...You sound like my daughter when it comes to shoes and handbags....And yes she still wants more shoes...
    It`s Spring so nothing like a good clean out..We are doing the same except I would say for my daughter..My god she is a hoarder....

  2. hi Mandy, i know, i don't even use them or wear them much. some not at all. it's crazy. i'm sure Krystal uses hers. hope you are well. not good gardening weather. Fran

  3. I lack shoes/sandals. A good clean up and out makes most off us feel good.

  4. I love shoes, my daughters love shoes but I have to curb my buying now that we are retired.Doesn't it make you feel good when you've sorted out stuff.


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