Monday, 22 August 2016

more lovina and the little bridge

little bridge in lovina

i am not very good at making videos and i've only put a few on youtube so must apologise for the quality.  this little bridge leads to where the locals live and shop.  we saw a little hairdresser and lots of warungs which are like cafes.  no lattes to be had though.  you have to make do with tea or bali coffee which in my opinion is very good.  except at breakfast at my last hotel.  the coffee was dismal.  i brought some balinese tea back with me as i can't buy it here.  it's really nice as i'm not really a tea drinker and always say i should drink it more often.  we were invited to share dinner with so many locals and had some lovely chats with them.  they are mostly fishermen and shop keepers.  it was a very nice evening walk and my torch came in very handy, especially on that narrow little bridge.

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