Thursday, 25 August 2016

a little bit of rain

that's an understatement.  the rain woke me up at 5am so i went outside and brought in my bathers and towel from the little clothes stand.  too late they were wet again.  bugga.  i went back to sleep eventually and was woken again by a very loud tropical downpour.  it was great.  it eased slightly so that i could get to the breakfast area and the day turned out quite sunny and nice.  i love the rain.  once, years ago, we were at a salon in poppies 2, when it started to rain.  the girls were almost ready to shut up shop for the night but said just wait a while and it will ease.  well it didn't.  the lane was about a foot or more underwater when we decided to risk it and go back to the hotel.  we were like drowned rats by the time we got back and i did wonder what we were wading through and hoping we were not going to fall down any holes

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  1. Fun in the rain :)
    Always lovely to hear the rain on the roof if it's possible.


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