Thursday, 14 July 2016

all fixed now

the roof and veranda were badly damaged but thank goodness all fixed now.  the yard is covered with bits of tiles.  i found a whole one hidden in the garden yesterday.  it was scary but my friend who lives in cairns has cyclones regularly and they, of course, would be far worse.  the wild weather has passed us by for now and there was sun for five minutes today.  with so much damage around the state i was very lucky. i had a blood test today.  my doctor is always sending me for blood tests, scans etc.  i suppose that's better than a doctor who doesn't investigate things further.  i have a nasty chest infection and my sinuses are also infected.  he thinks i'll be better to fly to bali on the 24th.  i certainly hope so.


  1. Oh I missed your news on the weather down your way. Sorry to read about your misfortune with the storm..hope you are feeling much improved..

    1. it's all fixed now Margaret so all good. lots of people worse off than me. hope you are well and keeping warm and dry xxx

  2. Wow! That looks bad. Glad it is all fixed now. I hope you are all fixed and good for Bali.


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