Monday, 18 July 2016

that was close

i am starting to feel better thank goodness and the roof is all fixed.  i just had a shower and came down and put a load of washing in.  i went back up to get my mobile because i took it into the bathroom with me and shock, horror and more shock i couldn't find it.  the machine is a front loader so difficult to stop once started on it's cycle.  i rang it and rang it and couldn't hear it.  i searched everywhere and felt extremely upset.  the cycle finally finished and the phone wasn't in there.  so where was it?  oh yes, it came back to me.  i put it in my dressing gown pocket when i got out of the shower.  phew.  i can't tell you how relieved i felt.  you hear about it happening all of the time and i will try to be more careful in future and make sure i can see the phone before i start the machine as i've had a few close calls before.

ahh nokia.  the holden of mobile phones.  it would have survived the spin cycle.  mine isn't a nokia :(

i have heard of so many people ruining their phones like this.  i was so lucky. 


  1. Lucky you. By the way its called AADD. Age Attention Deficit Disorder. When I put my phone or glasses down somewhere, I always say to myself "My phone is in my dressing gown pocket" (or wherever it is) that way I always remember where it is. I heard this tip for improving your memory on ABC radio . It really works.

    1. thank you Diane that sounds like an excellent idea. i'll definitely give it a try


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