Sunday, 3 July 2016


my friend graham came over yesterday after they voted and we took his mum to lunch.  i was lucky when i voted and went straight in.  except for that ridiculously long white ballot paper it went smoothly.  we went to bunnings after lunch and i bought another venetian blind which was on special. it's for the spare room as the one already there has seen better days.  my son will help me put it up tonight when he calls in.  today i'm going up to see the kids and take them to lunch.  my daughter had another setback but when she rang yesterday she seemed a bit better.  i've been particularly lazy of late and haven't been to the gym for a while.  i did return to the family history library last week and had a little bit of success.  i rang my cousin in perth, whom i've never met, and finally posted off a report of the descendants to him.  he said he'd post some photos over to me.  my dil has grave's disease and has started medication and had a ct scan last week.  the medication isn't agreeing with her atm which is unfortunate.  hopefully the doctor can sort it out.  we went out to an indian restaurant friday night and it was the best meal i've had for ages.  absolutely delicious. it's her birthday next week and also my car's as i bought it on her birthday.  my son has another two festival gigs in september so that's something to look forward to.


  1. Hope your daughter is able to get a tablet that agrees with her.
    Sounds as if you have been having an ok time..

  2. Hope the health issues get better.. Yay for two festival gigs!


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