Tuesday, 5 July 2016

hit and run

i was parked on unley road today after leaving the family history library early.  i went into a deli to get some water and came back and got into the car.  a man came out of a cafe and picked up something from in front of my car and then he came around and handed it to me and then i saw the mirror.  it was trashed and hanging from a wire.  someone had hit me and driven off.  so i've been spending a few hours today ringing around trying to find a replacement.  dave the mechanic will put it on for me when i find one. believe it or not the same thing happened to graham recently.  same road.  ahhhh  i broke the zip on my new handbag too but managed to fix that and my daughter finally went to the dentist and feels a lot better.  the tooth was badly infected and she's been suffering with it for ages.

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