Thursday, 23 June 2016

rain rain and more rain

rain is good, i love rain.  thunder and lightening when i'm nice and cozy at home is good too.  but my washing is still wet from yesterday and that's not good.  unlike most people i don't have a dryer.  i know, i know.  how on earth do i cope you may ask but somehow i do.  if it's too wet outside i just put it on a clothes horse inside.  i don't usually have more than two loads of washing.  atm it's outside on the veranda.  yesterday i thought about buying a dryer.  a dryer from aldi which is quite cheap compared to other stores.  i did the right thing and looked at product reviews on the internet and i'm very glad i did.  they were not good.  the forecast said it might snow today but i doubt it. oh well, never mind, there's always the laundromat.  lol


  1. But we need the rain. Snow ?????

  2. hi Diane, yes we need rain and i love the rain. yes, last night on the weather report they said it may snow. not in adelaide city of course but on mt lofty, our tallest mountain. :) i remember it has snowed up there about four times. once when i was a kid dad built a snowman on the bonnet of the car and it didn't melt until after we got home.

  3. Hope your are well.
    Gosh snow in your area, must be cold.
    Rain everywhere though today was fine up in the north.

  4. I have never owned a dryer either. If it is cold and wet outside, the heater is on inside, so the clothes dry in front of it :-)


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