Monday, 13 June 2016

bubs is better car is broken

yes, Caiden is a lot better thank goodness.  i was a bit worried about him.  it was my son's birthday the other day.  he's 45.  imagine how old that makes me feel.  we went out to dinner and had a lovely evening.  meanwhile, i started the car on saturday morning to go to aldi and the car was running so rough.  then the exhaust warning light came on and started flashing.  i rang the mechanic who said he can't see me until next week.  ahhhh.  i asked if i could drive it and he said he advised against it.  my son came over and took me to the shops which was so nice as i needed a few things.  i have to go back to the eye clinic on tuesday so when i get home i'll ring the raa and see what they think it is.  i might be able to get towed to the mechanic.  oh well.  it's the long weekend here and it's cold but lovely and sunny.  i've got a load of washing in.


  1. Nice of your son to help you out.
    Pleased Caiden is near better.
    Sorry to read about your car - not good when things go wrong..hope you are well..

  2. bad luck about the car. So inconvenient. Lucky your son came to the rescue.


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