Friday, 2 December 2016

technology is not my friend

last year, or was it earlier this year i can't remember, nbn was installed in my street.  it took forever and it was very messy.  plants were broken and trampled and mess was left behind.  i wasn't happy.  today, for better or worse, the nbn technician came and setup the nbn in my unit.  omg.  he had major troubles but eventually, after several hours, he got it sorted.  and mess was left behind, again.   he said to ring the isp and they'll help me setup the new modem.  well!  an hour and a headache later it was setup.  finally.  then i had no home phone as they've disconnected the old system (i had an internet and home phone package).  no home phone.  luckily the phone works again.  the bad news is that i'll need another portable phone because they can't install a phone jack upstairs.  omg.  the home phone i have doesn't have an extra phone station so i'll have to buy one.  after several hours i finally got the bluetooth thingy on the tv working again thanks to a nice young man in the Philippines and the security camera upstairs is working again. that was a pain.  but there's more.  i went upstairs and got into bed after a nice hot shower to set up the tablet for some late night youtube.  an hour later i finally set up the connection, it was difficult.  i slept like a log not surprisingly.  today everything works.  yay.   finally.  as they say technology is great when it works


  1. Well you certainly had a go of it then. Fancy leaving a mess, breaking plants and so forth. I'm pleased it's all working this morning.
    We had the NBN put on just before we went away. No mess was made, easy to setup, easy to connect our TV to, computer, laptops, tablets, phones etc...yes we do have many things, too many but each serves it's purpose :)

  2. OMG we have all that to look forward to. I hate change when it comes to technology. Our phone stopped working .Tech came to fix it and then the alarm system didn't work. We ended up having to upgrade the alarm system doh what next?


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