Wednesday, 28 December 2016

a massage

but not the relaxing and enjoyable kind.  yesterday miss lan and i spent the day together.  we went shopping and were surprised that lots of the shops were closed.  i bought some early birthday gifts for cookie that i'll put away.  lan made noodles for lunch and we had a massage.  lan had a head, back and shoulder massage which she enjoyed and i chose the foot reflexology.  well!  i've had it before in bali and it's painful at times that's for sure.  it started off nice and relaxing but then yang found sore spots everywhere.  apparently the feet correspond to parts of the body.  just about everything on me is broken.  lol.  but, i did feel great afterwards so that's something.  i've been tired a lot lately and am glad that christmas is over for another year.  we nearly had a fire on christmas day.  we finished lunch and went into play the wii.  my son went back into the room to get something and the serviettes had blown onto the candle that i forgot to blow out.  omg.  we got it out and learned a valuable lesson.  don't leave candles unattended.  we are experiencing tropical weather in adelaide atm.  it rained all night and there were more blackouts.  miss lan got sent home from work because they didn't have power.


  1. never had a massage and don't think i want to.
    how lucky you were not to have a big house fire on a hot day - never leave candles burning when i leave the room, always out of matches as i use too many when i'm in the mood for candles.
    you are having dreadful weather but at least it's not cold.
    Happy New Year - have a good one.

    1. hi Margaret, yes so lucky. it just goes to show that you can't be too careful with open flames. the weather is awful but it could be worse. lol. hope you and your family are well.

  2. Lucky with the candle. They are a big cause of house fires. I was given a voucher for a massage I must go soon. My body is broken too.


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