Thursday, 22 December 2016

kill me now

i couldn't get to sleep last night which is not unusual.  i was just dozing off when two people in the park below my window decided to cause a ruckus.  screaming, yelling and banging.  i don't know what they were doing.  i was thinking about calling the police when they stopped.  thank goodness, it was 2am.  i finally went to sleep only to be very rudely awakened at 5am by a man talking loudly just under my window.  omg.  i am very tolerant of noisy people in the park usually but i was so angry, and tired too.  my window was open coz it was hot last night so i got out of bed and screamed at him/them to shut up and closed the window.  it was still dark so i couldn't even see them.  how rude.  so now i'm awake.  i tried to go back to sleep and couldn't.  maybe a nana nap this arvo is in order.  i want to go to the library today and maybe, if i'm feeling brave, the shops.  it's crazy out there naturally.  i'm just about set for christmas and don't really need much.  maz is coming over tomorrow for lunch so i've got stuff for a platter.  when i came downstairs this morning i realised i'd left the fan on last night.  great

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  1. well that's not the best not being able to sleep...noise in the park, it's a wonder there isn't more during the dead of the night.
    lucky we have a quiet area so far where we live, so very lucky.
    ha e a good day with your friend.
    Merry Christmas


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