Monday, 12 December 2016

a birthday and travel

my grandson is three on friday next.  he's been quite sick but is well on the road to recovery now thank goodness.  he's adorable but full of beans and can be a handful at times like most three year olds.  but mostly he's adorable.  not surprisingly he likes dinosaurs so i bought him one and a few other things he likes.  the nbn has settled down and going well after it's initial teething problems so that's good.  i am about to go shopping as there is nothing much in the pantry/fridge, as it's a stinker today i've been putting it off.  i should have gone early this morning.  i am very proud of myself atm because i managed to thread the overlocker all by myself.  it became unthreaded last night by accident.  disaster.  my overlocker and i are not the best of friends.  when liz came down she was going to go over the basics again with me but she broke her arm and that didn't happen.  so i had to take it on all by myself.  it took quite a while (hours) but i managed it.  graham is in bali atm and if i said i wasn't jealous i'd be telling porkies.

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  1. Happy Birthday to your grandson on Friday...interesting he likes dinosaurs, our 4 year old grandson is absolutely besotted with and about them.
    I have an overlocker but haven't used it for a long time.


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