Sunday, 15 November 2009

shopping for a new mattress

i hate to tell you how old my mattress is. we bought it in 1983. i know i know. it looks immaculate but alas it's not very comfy anymore. i have a sore back which is caused by a) my mattress and b) slouching over the laptop most evenings. i've come to one conclusion: they are bloody expensive these days. i might go to makin' mattresses as they (obviously) make them on site. trouble is there are so many options to chose from i'm starting to get a tad confused (some would say that's normal for me :( )
we had a nice lunch today for Adina's b/day. she enjoyed herself. the cool change is on the way apparently. monday's temp is forecast at about 28. bliss. hope you enjoyed your w/end. mine was nice. :)


  1. It is a difficult task, good luck. Hope you find one good for your back. Me too...sore back but not from the matress...prolapsed disc.
    Boy you have had it hot down there already.

  2. Everything is so expensive these days...
    How have you been handling the heat???..Isn`t it just just think summer hasn`t even started.....BOO HOO....Yes i`m crying at the prospect of an unbearable season ahead...


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