Thursday, 26 November 2009


i've been looking for a plug for my wash basin upstairs for years. it's a funny size and whenever i see a plug that looks like it might possibly fit i buy it. luckily plugs aren't expensive. i did it again tonight. it was a weird size and i thought to myself 'is this the one?' but no it wasn't, doesn't come close in fact. it can't be an old imperial measurement as the house was built in 1991. my bath plug is too small to fit. nothing fits even those universal ones don't fit. they say they fit all sizes but that's a downright lie. i measured the sink hole once but i can't find a plug to fit. it's a problem but not earth shattering. as a result i have a drawer full of plugs so if you are after one just let me know. :)


  1. I have the same problem with my bath and you are right about the universal ones...
    At this rate you`ll be starting up your own business....

  2. Put a piece of paper over the hole and get a crayon/or pencil and rub over the hole to get a picture rubbing of the hole and then keep it in your handbag to measure every plug that you find. Happy plugging.

  3. A plug for every occasion it seems...hope you do find one eventually, for it's a problem really.


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