Thursday, 19 November 2009

i finally got a mattress

and it's great. sealy posturpedic. good brand and great price. harvey norman have a sale on until the weekend. i'm happy and it feels super comfy. they are delivering it on saturday. downside is that they don't take the old one anymore (landfill) and delivery was (imo) pricey. $60 oh well i'm happy with the purchase. i'm also hanging out for the cool change which is supposed to arrive about midnight. worth staying up for? i don't know.
my daughter is leaving her partner and moving next weekend so that's positive in many ways. the kids i think understand why this is happening and it's not too far away from their father. sad but better for everyone involved i think. i hope it turns out ok.
my son had a health scare recently and that's ok now. good results. also my sister had a nasty health problem lately but that seems to be ok now too. all good really.
i'm going to a chiropractor for my back and he thinks he may be able to help with the shoulder i had operated on last year. it's worse since the op (surprisingly). he took xrays yesterday and he's waiting for the results before he does any manipulating. the only bad part about that is that i had to sign that thingy that says if they make me a vegetable they are not responsible. you know what i mean. should be ok (i hope) i used to go to a chiro a few years ago. back is already a bit better so that's good. all in all not too shabby. lmao


  1. The matress sounds super. Your aches and pains might improve. Hope all family problems turn out fine. I have a bad back at the moment too. Disc prolapse. I have physio and exercises.

  2. Wonderful to have a new matress, we need one too again. Good to read your family are ok, and I hope you also improve as in your back etc.

  3. I don't know how bad your old mattress was but it is always good to have something new......I know how I felt when we got a new mattress even thought ours was second hand (4yrs old) it was great to have a better mattress to sleep on but then my old one was so bad you could feel the springs dig into you.


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