Tuesday, 17 November 2009

pearl jam

my daughter is at the concert as i type and i wish i was, although, i get to mind the kids which is always nice. ants is playing on the wii and cookie is leaning on my lap watching him. we've had a nice refreshing bath. we went for a walk after tea and felt all hot and bothered. kids enjoyed it though. we had lamb chops for tea and they were delish. the kids just had banana smoothies and i'm thinking of having another coffee but i know i shouldn't as i won't sleep. maybe a cup of tea would be more beneficial. i've just done the dishes. tomorrow is my day off and i have a chiro appointment in the morning, then going to get new tyres again and go to the furniture shop to look at mattresses again. i hope i find something. it's another busy day off. my daughter asked me if i wanted to have the kids overnight but as i'm already doing stuff i decided not to. i don't want to drag them around in the heat. hope your day is a good one. pic is of Adina and her mum on saturday at her 21st lunch.

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