Thursday, 27 January 2011

the new modem arrived and the mouse too

yee har. it was a double ebay day. the mouse works. it's tiny and so nice to have a mouse wheel that works. however, the modem is a different story. it's working. that's the good news. it took two hours to set up. lovely, helpful people at netgear. excellent service. had a problem with wireless but that's working too. the noisy phone problem however, is still there. just the same. also, the modem gets quite hot. i don't know if this is normal. i hope so.
i am still a bit depressed about the daughter situation so my son asked me over last night for tea. usually my dil does nachos which are really, really good. this time my son cooked and made 'nacho toast'. it sounds gross and i thought i'd just have toast but it's really nice. i had two pieces. my dil grows tomatoes and this year some black russians. omg they are gorgeous. fresh herbs, fresh chilli, fresh tomato and nacho toast. yum


  1. Sorry to her you have a problem. Hope it gets sorted. Sounds like son is taking care of you. Thats good.

  2. thanks Diane. it will be ok. not the first time and no doubt not the last. i'll just hang in there ;)


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