Monday, 3 October 2011

long weekend ... yay

and the sun is out today.  it's a gorgeous day here.  well, the vw is fixed.  my dil's is not well though.  it cuts out at traffic lights.  my son and dil did not realise that to own a car (s) that is older than themselves they need to be wealthy. lol.  i had lunch with them yesterday which was nice.  my son is really happy coz his team won the afl premiership.  i'm happy that he's happy.  i don't follow football at all can you tell?  i have to go back to work on wednesday and i've become a tad lazy and am getting used to not working, sleeping in rocks.  pity i'm so used to the money and the little luxuries in life like electricity and food and petrol.  lol.  i can't see the kids today coz my daughter is working and g/kids are at their grandma's.  i might drink some water and go for a walk.  or, i could clean the house. or, i could finish the book i'm reading.  ikea is open today too although nothing else in adelaide is. that's a thought. we close the place on long weekends.

 sweet little angel kitty

 somewhere (expensive) to write the shopping list.  it wouldn't be weather proof though would it?

lovely pic from india

i love this little pic.  the dog reminds me of my g/friend's little Bo.  he'd look super cute in this.


  1. Lovely day here too, am outside basking in sun to get vitamin D.
    Great the VW is going except for ....
    We haven't got a holiday here today we have ours later, when we do a lot of big stores could be open.
    Good you can go back to work and it's good I don't :). but then I kind of do if you can work that out!

  2. Oh no, are you still not well? Hopefully you are on the mend from your op, I so hope it wasn't too serious.

    I'm with you on the sleeping in.

    Yay, footy season is finally over!


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