Tuesday, 4 October 2011

8 ball and other stuff

i went to see Mazzy today.  she cooked a wonderful lunch and then we played 8 ball.  i excel at getting the white ball in the hole but that's not a good thing apparently.  seriously, in my misspent youth i was quite the champion at 8 ball.  my dad was a billiards champ but i could never get that game.  too many colours.  i used to know how to play it but have forgotten.  i've also forgotten how to play chess.  my first boyfriend taught me a hundred years ago.  they tried to teach me again in bali but i couldn't catch on.  i didn't give it my best shot.  they love it over there.  all the young men play sitting on the footpaths outside their shops in the afternoons.  anyhoo, we had a really nice catch up and we enjoyed our afternoon.  her little Bo doggie was gorgeous and she gave me a lovely plant (snapdragons) instead of flowers coz i've been sick. awwww  back to work tomorrow.  :(  omg i've nearly forgotten how to library.  it feels like i've been away for ages instead of a week and a bit.  then a lovely work friend is visiting in the afternoon.  ahhh  it's great to be alive isn't it?  lol


  1. great quote by Lennon!.... and potted plants/flowers are nice to receive :-)

  2. Oh that was nice you enjoyed your lunch.
    Oh my, 8 ball, we used to have an 8 balls table once, my dad has a 3/4 size billiard table which is not used.
    Wow! your dad was a champion...
    Hope you feeling better now :)

  3. My Mother In Law is a Ladies snooker champ at age 85. She makes the finals every year - just amazing.

    I can never get the angles right to sink those pesky balls - I envy you your skill!

    I hope you are feeling better and are well on the way to a full recovery.

  4. hi Margaret. yes, had a lovely afternoon with a lovely friend which is always a great way to spend your time. yes, dad was a champ in many ways but he excelled at snooker. lots of practice i would think. :)

    Cindy, i am most impressed by your mil's talents. i hope i can play at 85. that's truly amazing. good luck to her and to make the finals too. feeling a bit better by the day. still a little bit of pain but nothing to complain too much about. i'm seeing the doc today. enjoy your day lovely ladies and the weekend which is just around the corner. :)


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