Saturday, 22 October 2011

moving day

i've been thinking about bali quite a bit lately

this is quite specky.  a little bit ott perhaps

i think this is in the maldives.  

a fish in a bottle.  clever photoshopping me thinks
my daughter is moving house today.  even further away :(  i'll need a cut lunch to get there.  not entirely joking there.  i'm having both g/kids instead of just cookie.  that's ok.  i'm having computer probs.  nothing serious.  just a very slow internet connection.  i think i'm getting there. i'm using google chrome which i really like.  also, i can't get fb on my phone.  i've just started accessing it as it's included in my plan.  although i have to ask myself why.  why?  anyway, since i can't get it now it's bothering me. i lost a ring yesterday.  it may have gone down the black hole which is my couch.  i lost a diamond ring down there once and had to practically pull it apart.  it's never been the same since.  oh well.  little things.


  1. There are a few 'little things' in there.. I hope you're ok. Your daughter moving further away sounds really crap. :-(

    Not that I am OCD, but I count things and when I have 3 not-so-great things happen, I perk up and think, 'oh, three good things will happen now!'.. one of the few superstitions I like LOL :-)

  2. At least you didn't flush the ring down the niece did that to my mums engagement ring and she will never be allowed to forget it and it happened 20yrs

  3. you should try getting a unakite stone, from any crystal healing supply shop (small tumbled stones should start at $1) this stone is the go-to for lost objects. I'd try holding it in your hand, meditating, or sleeping with it under your pillow.

  4. Hope you find your ring. Frustrating to say the least.

    Hope the move went well for your daughter, and when you visit take a nice cut lunch :)

    FB not a fan, but I do message my daugher in law, it's good for that for it's cheaper for her.

    Haven't downloaded Chrome..I am happy with what I have so far..

    The photos are nice.

  5. When I saw "moving" and "Bali" I thought you were going to move to Bali. A cut lunch to see your daughter. I have to pay an airfare to see mine so be grateful she didn't move further away.


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