Monday, 24 October 2011

udpate on previous post

no, unfortunately not moving to bali.  i wish. i know it's not that much further away for my daughter, i'm just a drama queen.  i found my ring in the dish rack.  fb is back on my phone.  number one rule of IT.  turn it off and back on again.  for someone who teaches basic computer and internet drrrrr.  my computer is much better.  i restored it to an earlier date.  took kids home last night.  they tired me out.  i saw the first lizard (blue tongue) of the season yesterday.  i cleaned out the cupboard under the stairs (no, he wasn't in there thank goodness) and put some stuff in the shed.  we must have disturbed him.  he was a big boy too.  kids got to see him.  cleaned out dustin's tank.  he's a happy little siamese fighter now.  saw the grand cats on saturday night.  my son has a scaletrix track around the dining room and they all played on that for a while.  i  had a go too.  i remember my husband had one set up years ago.  they seemed to be fixing it more than playing it.  those corners are dangerous.  lots of crashes. hope your weekend was a good one


  1. Thanks for your answers in your post.
    I do hope all goes well for you :)

  2. Such a busy time you've had - so glad that the ring has been found and your 'puter troubles sorted. It's those sorts of annoying things that does my head in.


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