Saturday, 8 October 2011

a little treat

i have discovered affogato. simply a scoop or two of ice-creme with a shot of espresso poured over the top. no recipe required although i did see one that added whipped cream on top.  a bit of overkill perhaps or maybe not.    actually i've known about it for years but have never tried it.  well now i have.  wow.  it's divine.  hungry jacks (yuk) have a version which isn't all that terrible but of course homemade is best or failing that the nearest cafe should be able to help.  i would like one right now.  i've been buying gifts for christmas.  it's always hard to find something that the recipients will like.  my sister is a little hard to buy for, i'm thinking jewellery.  kids are easy of course.  i always find men harder to buy for than women. i'm pooped although i really didn't do much today.  a little bit of shopping, a little bit of cooking, washing, gardening etc etc.  by gardening i of course mean pulling out some weeds. cleaning should be on that list but you know how it is.  i'd like to go through my clothes and cull a little bit too.  i might do that tomorrow.

oh dear. as a ps to this post i just made an affogato and used my indonesian coffee which is a bit gritty to say the least. then i couldn't find the italian espresso maker thingy so i used the plunger. disaster. it tasted fantastic until i got to the coffee and, i don't know, i sort of breathed in when i swallowed the first mouth full or something coz it went down the wrong way and i've been coughing ever since. a tip: when this happens if you hold your arm up above your head (i'm not sure which one or if, in fact, it actually matters) but it seems to help. i'm listening to asa atm and she's wonderful except that i don't understand african or whatever language she is singing in. but it's still good


  1. That icecream/coffee looks delicious and better luck next time with your effort.
    We can clean inside anytime, best to do outside jobs when weather is suitable to you.

    Some singers and their words sound just wonderful even if we don't understand. I like a man called 'Tarkan' and to watch his videos!!! Well that is for me, each to his own :)

  2. wow Christmas shopping already, well done, you are smart! I say this because in the case of hard to buy for folks its a good idea to start shopping early... last minute shopping doesn't offer the amount of choices you need for the hard to buy fors.

  3. Margaret, i'm listening to Tarkan as i type. i like middle eastern music as an ex belly dancer. you can belly dance to most music. ac/dc and bob dylan are really good to dance to. or is that just me?
    Starzyia, don't be too impressed with my early start as i'm usually running around at the last minute. this year is def. not the norm. my plan is to have the cards written and posted by 1 december. what's the point of getting a christmas card a week or so before christmas. you need time to enjoy them. thanks for stopping by

  4. I am a sucker for Vienna coffees - more cream please!

    Belly dancer huh? You dark horse Fran! I seem to be surrounded by belly dance instructors wherever I go - must be some Karma there somewhere...

  5. hi Cindy, vienna coffee yes. :) i did belly dancing for several years but haven't done it for ages. we have a library belly dance routine involving shelving. it's a library thing. you sort of have to be there. :)


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