Thursday, 27 October 2011

a bit of a stressful day

not an especially great day really.  i waited 2 hours to see the specialist for 5 minutes.  i exaggerate all the time but this is not one of those times.  he told me nothing the local doctor hadn't already told me.  hardly anything really.  they removed the tumor.  i'll have to go in again in february for a procedure to check it.  bit of pain i'm still having is normal.  blah blah blah.  screaming on the inside.  i walked back to the car through the botanic gardens and looked around me at the wonderful trees, blue skies and just a nice atmosphere.  it was a lovely day here yesterday weather wise. started to calm down and breath.
then, i got home and the tablet arrived.  ahh good i thought.  no. i hate the bloody thing.  it's weird.  lol.  i'm sure i'll get used to it.  it's got a weather widget on the home screen for shanghai.  i finally found out how to change it and oz weather is not one of the countries listed.  screaming on the inside again.  then!  sitting here tired and emotionally spent i went outside to the bin and heard water running.  strange.  turns out my outside tap was running and i couldn't turn it off.  i called a plumber who arrived within half an hour.  very lucky for me that he was just around the corner.  i'm off to work for four hours.  short day today, long day tomorrow and i'm working sunday.  you can't have it all :)

lots of kitties

pic is kitties.  lots of kitties.  siamese kitties.  how gorgeous are they?  ahhhh kitties have such a calming effect


  1. Hope things improve.. and thanks for the kittens.... mmmmm kittens, yum!!

  2. Matthew, go easy on the kittens, they are very fattening and full of cholesterol. lol. thanks better day today. :)

  3. You sound a bit low but nothing better than a walk in the gardens to cheer you up. Hope that medical problem is under control. Sounds serious.

  4. Like Diane I thought you sounded a bit hope you are ok.
    Oh your new tablet, yes you will get used to it I am sure.

  5. thanks everyone, i'm ok. everything is ok. except that i have to work today. besides that all is well. :) i'm slowly getting used to the tablet and might see the kids on the w/end :)


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