Friday, 30 September 2011

a little bit sicky poo

remember the cat scan i had a while ago?  it wasn't good news.  not the worst news ever but still not good.  well, i had an op on monday and it went ok i think.  i'll have a follow up in four weeks.  then, yesterday, i had another consult for another problem the cat scan found.  good news with this one as i only have to have two relatively simple procedures and it should be ok.  no surgery required.  i'm crossing my fingers on this one as i thought i'd have to have a biggish op to fix it.  see, sometimes good things happen.  the other problem will require frequent follow ups as there is a high percentage of recurrence.  is that a word?  hahahaha.  i'm off work until next wednesday so should feel better by then. it's a public holiday on monday.  yay.   my dear sister has been here for over a week to look after me and the kids and my lovely friends have been wonderful.  i am truly blessed to have them.  i've got to go shopping this arvo and i think i'll catch up with my son and his fam for a meal later on.  my daughter is unwell atm with a cold so i'm not able to see the g/kids for a while.  i miss them.  enjoy your long w/end if you are having one and if you are not enjoy anyway and live your lives people.  we've only got one     oh btw, my son's beetle is in for repairs.  it's an electrical problem, no indicators or something like that.  i hope it's going to be ok.  pic is of my sister and me (not really) i'm on the right.  lol

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